Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adoption Party Slideshow and Pics

It has been one month since we celebrated Caden's adoption and it has been a busy month; life keeps happening at a fast pace! I finally got around to making Caden's adoption slideshow into a youtube video last night so I could share it. Okay, truth be told, I didn't make it into a youtube video- our daughter Kelsey did. I am so thankful for her help with that and for the actual making of the slideshow! We showed this at Caden's Adoption Party, but there was a problem with the DVD player so we didn't get to view it all at the party. Kelsey did such a great job on the slideshow and she added a fun twist to the end. It really touched me and of course chronicled the emotional bond and journey so very well. Other than the first two pictures, they are in order from when Caden first moved in with us on 10-24-10 to our adoption date in court on 12-18-12. Click here to view: Caden's Adoption Slideshow

Below are some pictures of Caden's Adoption Party. SO THANKFUL to those that helped us with this; we have some great friends and family! Caden was so happy at his party, he videoed the speaking parts on his new iPod. He FITS, he BELONGS, and he is LOVED! Thank you ALL for the love and support you have given us throughout this journey! 

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