Saturday, September 3, 2011

Faith & the Color Blue

Many have asked why the canvas is painted the color "BLUE"....

~Faith & the Color Blue~

It has been almost a year now since Caden came to live with us. 
So much of our lives have changed in a year! 

We call out spelling words again! 
Read AR books again!
And the tooth fairy visits our home again!  

What sweet blessings to do this again since Kelsey is now in college & Colton is a sophomore in high school.

When Caden first moved in, Kelsey offered to share her room with him, since another bed would fit in Kelsey’s room better than in Colton’s. Quickly we saw that we had to come up with another “bedroom” in our home as a 7-year-olds toys were rapidly filling up our high school seniors bedroom! So last year, during Christmas break we moved Kelsey out of her childhood room and into the enclosed garage. We were able to make it some-what like a studio apartment for her with her own entrance and sitting area. So now Caden had a room of his own, something he had never had….but it was PURPLE!!! Getting both rooms moved and set up (big fruit basket turn over!) took some time, so we decided to put the painting on hold another month or so until we had more time.

At this point, Caden had been living with us for almost 4 months, and we were very attached already…us to him, and him to us. One Saturday, Caden mentioned he wanted his room to be blue. I privately called Chad into Caden’s room and told him that I knew we needed to paint, but I just could not paint that room blue, absolutely NOT BLUE! I explained that BLUE is the color for little boys, and if he didn’t stay with us forever, I just couldn’t bare walking by that blue room. 

Chad looked at me and grabbed my hands and said, “I have FAITH, we are painting this room BLUE!” I love that man for his faith & obedience, and cry every time I remember that day. So that very day Chad purchased a “can of commitment”. …FAITH  BLUE paint for the walls of Caden’s room.

After 7 months, I received the phone call we had anxiously been waiting for, the official word that the state’s goal for Caden was adoption by us. Chad was at work when I got the call and I was tempted to call him, but I knew the perfect place to tell him. When Chad walked through the door, I told him to come to Caden’s room, and we sat down and I asked him, “What color are these walls? He said “Blue”, I said “What color of Blue?” We both started crying as he answered “FAITH  BLUE”.

So as you can see there was really no other color fitting for this vision God gave us for our adoption canvas.... FAITH BLUE!

We continue to walk by FAITH this path to follow God's will in making Caden our son. Thank you all for your prayers and your continued emotional and financial support as the journey is still long, but God is FAITHFUL!!! 

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."  
 Hebrews 11:1
Canvas of Faith on 9/3/11
Faith Blue in action is quite beautiful, isn't it?
Oh so beautiful is this story that God is writing and we are humbled and honored to join Him. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for joining us on this journey of FAITH! 

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